About us

We will never use the word ‘experiential’.

In a world saturated with highfalutin techspeak and endless buzzwords we love it when someone explains something in simple, everyday terms. We like to do the same.

We don’t like to brag, but we always try to produce high quality work that we’re proud of. We never give our clients something we wouldn’t be happy sharing with the world (in fact we do – with their permission). So much so in fact, that we share our ideas and thoughts with all our clients so together we can produce the very best thing possible – no matter the budget.

If you like what you hear (read), why not get in touch to discuss how we can help you.

Stuart Lawrence Stuart Lawrence

Stuart Lawrence

Technical Director

Part man, part supercomputer, Stuart is the fellow who’ll make your site work.

Believes no idea is too outlandish. He will re-route all extraneous energy to his thinking engine and formulate a plan to make your idea happen.

When the thinking engine’s powered down, Stuart plays guitar, listens to music involving trumpets and ponders the meaning of penguins.

James Hackney James Hackney

James Hackney

Business Development Manager

Getting new clients & keeping things running smoothly is James’ mission. Whether on the phone, via email or in person, he’s busy answering existing and potential clients’ questions so we can design and build exactly what they’re looking for.

When not securing the future of Don’t Panic! he’ll be found watching (often rubbish) films or in the pub, pint-in-hand.


For a moment, nothing happened.
Then, after a second or so,
nothing continued to happen.